Publishing files on the web

DeskNow DirectFiles

DeskNow lets you publish web pages and other files on the web in the easiest way.


Whenever you share a file folder, the folder is automatically accessible from the web as well (more precisely, from every computer that can connect to your DeskNow server - if your DeskNow server is located in an intranet, only computers on the intranet will be able to access your pages). This feature is called DirectFiles.


Using DeskNow DirectFiles, you can give other people a simple internet address, and by just typing it into their browser they will be able to view your folder and its files.


DirectFiles is the easiest way to share files with people that are not part of your organization and do not have a DeskNow account on your server.

DirectFiles Internet address

The Internet address (also called URL) of a shared folder depends on your username and the name of the share. And, of course, from the Internet address of your DeskNow server.


For example, if your username is joe and you share a folder with the share name mypictures, and your DeskNow server address is, then your folder will be accessible at the following address:


(NB this address could be changed depending on parameters set by the Administrator)

(note: the address when using the demo DeskNow server at is


Tip: the complete and correct web address of a shared folder is displayed in the Properties & sharing page of that folder.


Security rules set for the shared folder apply to DirectFiles as well. In particular: